Evangelist Toronta Branch Neely

Founder of The Glory of Women Outreach Ministry

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Toronta Neely is an entrepreneur whose gifts and talents has made her not only known to many but has helped many people in many capacities. Toronta is a self starter, a leader and most definitely a hard worker who is always reaching for greater while helping others in her journey upward. Because of her love and generosity and willingness to help, she is sought out for advice and help in many areas.

Toronta is also a God fearing woman whose roots go deep in her Christian confession. She credits her success to her strong commitment and dedication to her religious beliefs. This has also helped her to stay true to the tasks even in the midst of struggles and hurdles associated with everyday life.

Toronta is a fighter, and igniter and a generous person who not only takes pleasure in her own success but always strives to help other to succeed in achieving their own personal goals and dreams. She is very resourceful, passionate and considerate. She views life as a gift and believes that there is nothing that’s too big for her to conquer with Gods’ help.

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September 7, 2019

For the Glory Of Women Outreach Ministry was established to assist women dealing with issues that have plagued them for far too long financially and spiritually. We cordially invite you to join us on September 7, 2019, for our “Call to Action”!  Register today.

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